quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2014

wizard of oz, interrupted.

in which the lion still asked for bravery
and the tin man was still in need of a heart
but the wicked witch in disguise
turned the scarecrow into dust
and granted them both with more brains
that were sure to ruin their lives.

once the wizard was freed
and the munchkin court ordered her gone
in this version of the story
it would be too late -
the damage would be already done.

a sad ending was reserved
for animal and machine
(metal and flesh?, blood and gears?)
but they were yet to find that out.

the tin man would never know
to just love and be loved in return
and the lion would never trust
the instict of greatness that enveloped his soul

for they both had known a rational mind

for they both thought too much now.

(screw metro-goldwin-mayer
and lyman frank baum.)

also, dorothty cried.

terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2014

Most of the time, I don't feel like talking is actually my thing. Spoken words - it's an art I've never been well-versed in, not really. I struggle with them as I ramble, babble, aiming for that one perfect remark, the next oh-so-interesting topic, any way to make the conversation less restrained, less awkward and flow perfectly like we're in a movie... but no one ever tells you how wrong you are when suddenly you realize you must be the only one who sucks at this in the whole wide world. No one ever reassures you that no, no one's really got the hang of this and we're all actually just pretending we're awesome at this communication thing, I mean... no one really knows how to do it, you kidding me?, no worries, we're all dorks too, just chill, wanna a coffee anyways?

Funny thing is, we're all so encouraged to talk so much about everything, tell each other everything, banalities as they might be, but we never really get around to discuss what's really important, do we? Why is that? (Oh, that's right, talking things through SUCKS.) Well, at least, what I find to be an important thing to work on whenever bonding with someone would be how to be comfortable around them and how to make them feel the same way about you. That's it. Simple as that. It's #1 in my priority list, more than knowing someone's life inside out. I just wanna know what makes you tick - and we'll go from here.

Oh, I don't know.