sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2011

Searching for the light

And the most treasured of all
Are those who know how to look.
The ones with the most capable eyes
To find happiness where it lies.

Even though it may be far, these finders
Always search for the light, and the light only
Never giving up, never saying it's impossible
Because if you look closely, it's not impossible
At all.

The finders have a peculiar task in hands
That shall be fully completed in the end of days
Which consists in traveling to a different land
Miles away, but still so close
Just a blink of distance.
Just a thought that leads its way.

Light may be found if you know how to look
If you're clever enough not to perish
During the journey of darkness
That awaits for you.

Be a finder, not a loser
Be a fighter, do not perish
The prize is worthy
But journey is long.

Concentrate so you can fly
Even though it's only in your mind.
Close your eyes, dear
Because the light is in you

If you just know how to find.

Karla Kizem

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